WinToUSB Enterprise 7.0 – Install Windows on USB

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Software Introduction

WinToUSB Enterprise software which creates a Windows installation on a USB for the user to run that installation by extracting an ISO image from Windows CD/DVD. Create a Windows installation on a USB.

With , you can create an installer in just a few seconds, and supports all Windows operating systems, both GPT and MBR. WinToUSB has also added Windows To Go to convert Windows from Hard Drives to USBs and vice-versa.

It is possible to install any operating system, including Windows, on any computer.

WinToUSB Enterprise

This software contains the following features: Windows To Go Creator (Windows installation USB Creator), Windows PE Bootable Creator (Windows PE Bootable Creator).

Windows To Go creator allows Windows to be run on USB. You can use it on any computer, anywhere.

Windows installation USB Creator allows creating Windows installation USB . This feature supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/2016/2012/2008. WinToFlash Pro also allows you to install Win via USB.

Windows PE bootable USB creator allows you to transfer the contents of Windows PE onto USB.

Cloning the OS you’re using is also possible. It is a great tool to have when you’re on the move.

The software has a simple interface. The software provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a Windows To Go USB.

WinToUSB Enterprise Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface gives step-by-step directions for installing Windows/WinPE onto a USB Drive.
  • Install Windows/WinPE using an ISO image, CD/DVD or DVD drive.
  • Support for Windows 7/8/8/10 Tech Preview / 2008/2012/2012 R2 as well as WinPE 2/3/4/5.
  • Supports MBR & GPT disk formats

High-speed download link

WinToUSB Enterprise 7.0.0 Full Active

Back link:

Veryfiles | Uploading | Google Drive

(You can download the high speed link at Mostfiles)

Other Versions:

WinToUSB Enterprise Full Active 6.5


Install the software by extracting it.

After installation, exit the program.

The activation file is copied to the folder where the software installation files are located.

Select the version, run File Activation and activate it.



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