Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.4.2 Full Key -Hide and lock folders

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Software Introduction 

Wise Folder Hider Pro allows users to hide, encrypt, and password-protect files on their hard drive. You can be sure that no one will be able see your files if you use this software.

Wise folder Hider allows users to hide files and directories on their hard drive so that others can’t access or discover them.

Wise folder Hider will keep your personal and important information secure. You can be sure that you will prevent any attempts to destroy or infringe upon your documents before there is a virus.

Wise folder Hider allows you to protect folders and files on your computer, such as those containing private memories, great movies, or important documents, by hiding them in a safe environment. This protects them from viral attacks.

Wise folder Hider creates multiple layers for the protection of data, including a password to log in as well as a password to hide or reveal data.

Wise Folder Hider Pro

Wise folder Hider is also integrated to work on mobile devices. You can lock and hide multiple files at once by dragging and dumping multiple folders in the program window.

Wise Folder Hider Features

Files and folders are protected by hiding them in the hard drive, and then encrypting them with a password.
Store documents and personal information safely.
– The absolute security tool for protecting your data files.
– Integration for mobile devices.
Drag and drop multiple folders in the program window to lock and hide them all at once.
– The system is compatible with virtually any operating system.

High-speed download link

Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.4 is fully active



(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)

Other Versions:

Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.4 Full Active

Download the latest Wise folder Hider from the homepage


  1. Install and exit
  2. Copy “Activator.exe”, to the location where you installed your software. The default is:
  3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Wise\Wise Folder Hider
  4. Click “Generate”, to generate a license key. Then click “Activate”, to unlock the software.
  5. Click on “Patch Hosts”, to block the registration check. If you do not want automatic updates from the server then add “reg.wisecleaner.com” to the host file.
  6. Done.


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