Unity 3D Professional 2020 Full Key-Game Design Programming

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Software Introduction 

Unity 3D Professional 2020 provides a powerful creative tool for game developers, artists, designers and other members of a team. It has tools for 2D, 3D, story-telling, cinematography, lighting and sound, Sprite management, particle effects and a powerful animation system.

Unity 3D Professional 2020 Key features

The All-In-One Editor expands to meet your production workflow

The Unity Editor includes a number of tools to enable rapid editing, iteration and development in your cycles. It also features a Play mode that allows you to preview your work in real-time.

  • All in One Editor: It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and includes a variety of tools that are designed for artists to create immersive experiences and worlds. The development kit also allows you to easily implement high-performance gameplay and game logic.
  • 2D&3D: Supports both 2D and 3-D development, with features and functionalities for your needs in multiple genres.
  • AI pathfinders: The Unity navigation system allows you to create NPCs who can intelligently navigate around the game world. The system changes the navigation of characters by using navigation grids generated automatically from Scene geometry, or dynamic obstacles.
  • Efficient workflow: Unity Prefabs are pre-configured objects that provide a flexible and efficient workflow. This allows you to work with confidence without having to worry about losing time. .
  • User interface – Our built-in UI allows you to quickly and intuitively create user interfaces.
  • Physics Engines Use Box2D and the new DOTS-based physics system to create high-performance, realistic gameplay.
  • Custom Tools: You are able to extend the Editor by adding whatever tools your team needs. You can create and add custom extensions, or you can find what your team needs in our Asset Store. It has thousands of tools, resources and extensions that will speed up projects.
  • Improved Collaboration: View what others are working on, directly in Unity’s editor where you spend the most time.


Unity 3D Professional 2020

Workspace for Creatives

Unity Editor provides a powerful creative tool for 3D artists and 2D artists. It is also a great resource for designers, developers, and designers. It features 2D and 3-D scene design tools as well as audio and video systems. Sprite management tools and particle effects are also included.

  • Storytelling Create stunning content for games and movies with Timeline.
  • Cinematic Content: Control footage as a movie director using Cinemachine’s intelligent and dynamic camera.
  • Color grading effects: Create your desired look with professional and full-featured Post Processing FX.
  • Animation Live animation with Unity Timeline and animation tools such as 2D animation packages, animation rigging, and particles.
  • Shader graph: Author shaders and see results instantly.
  • VFX graphs: Create stunning visual effects from simple to complex, and view the results instantly without writing code.
  • Level Design and Prototyping: Easily design, prototype, and test your levels with ProBuilder. Then blend textures and colors, sculpt meshes, and scatter objects using Polybrush.
  • Rotate Polish and detail your 3D models with ease using Unity’s DCC tools, such as Maya and 3ds Max.
  • Lighting: Get immediate feedback with Progressive Lightmapper. Polish and fine-tune your scene with Post Processing. Optimize your scene with Mixed lighting for the best results on the target platform.
  • Video Tools: Import video clips and configure them in Unity. Then feed the videos directly into a texture variable for playback during runtime.
  • Audio engine Import audio or record it into Unity, and then apply effects to make the levels and scenes more immersive.

Unlock your CAD data for real-time development

We provide everything you need for real-time visualization projects through our partnership with piXYZ, a 3D data optimization solution that is the best.

PiXYZ eliminates the guesswork by ensuring that all your CAD files, no matter what their source, are optimized for Unity. Going from CAD import to real-time publishing has never been so easy!

Automate your workflow with Cloud Build

Cloud Build enables continuous build management and integration by compiling milestone builds for multiple platforms concurrently and allowing builds to be shared across teams.

  • Automated Workflows: Spend more time creating by setting up automated builds in the cloud for your project.
  • Concurrent builds: Create parallel builds for multiple target devices and user types.
  • Distribute anywhere: Get the right builds for the right teammates, all delivered in the cloud.

An integrated Collaboration toolkit

Leverage built-in collaboration tools and services to bring your ideas into production and player hands.

  • Collaboration allows those unfamiliar with source control systems to take advantage of it through an intuitive user interface built into the editor. With new features coming in 2019, CollabISE will also be able to support large projects.
  • Integration keeps you up to date with project changes or announcements from user reports. Use Integrations to connect Unity services like Cloud Diagnostics and Collaboration with communication and productivity tools like Slack, Jira, and Discord.

Focus on what’s important

Game Foundation offers fully scalable, flexible, and universal game systems available so you can save time and focus on building what matters unique gameplay.

  • Fully flexible and extensible: Flexible API workflow and Unity Editor for building systems like inventory, game commerce, and player progression.
  • Automated Data Devices: Events are automatically tracked by analytics, enabling insights without writing a single line of code.
  • Higher quality game projects: Get tested and proven game systems using best practices instead of starting from scratch.

Engine performance

Optimize your interactive creations with a leading performance engine that keeps improving

  • Advanced profiling tools: Continually optimize your content throughout development with Unity’s profiling features. For example, check if your content is CPU or GPU constrained and pinpoint areas that need improvement, so you can provide your audience with a smooth experience.
  • Native C++ Performance: Benefit from our cross-platform native C++ performance with IL2CPP (Intermediate Language to C++) backend scripting developed by Unity.
  • Mono /.NET 4.6 / C# 7.3 . Script Runtime
  • High-performance multi-threading system: Make full use of the multi-core processors available today (and tomorrow), without heavy programming. Our new platform to enable high performance is made up of three subsystems: The C# Job System, which provides you with a safe and easy sandbox to write parallel code; The Entity Component System (ECS), a model for writing high-performance code by default, and the Burst Compiler, produce highly optimized native code.


Bring your game to life during the day with sun axes or take your players down midnight streets glowing with neon signs or into dark tunnels.

  • Real-time Rendering Engine: Create amazing visual fidelity with Real-time Global Lighting, Raytracing, and Physics-based Rendering.
  • Native Graphics API: Unity is cross-platform, yet close to the low-level graphics API of each platform, allowing you to take advantage of the latest GPU and hardware innovations, like Vulkan, iOS Metal, DirectX12, nVidia VRWorks or AMD LiquidVR.
  • Scriptable Render Pipeline: create a custom render pipeline or choose the best configuration for your project, HDRP or the new Universal Render Pipeline (formerly Lightweight Render Pipeline) from Unity.

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere to Reach Audiences on a Leading Platform

  • Over 25 platforms across mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR, and Web.
  • More platform support than any other creative engine: With Unity, you can reach the widest audience and feel confident that your IP is future-proof, no matter the evolving industry or where your imagination takes you.

High-speed download link

Unity 3D Professional 2020 Full Active

Backup link:

Veryfiles | Uploading | Google Drive

(You can download the high-speed link at Veryfiles, Uploading )


other versions:

  • Unity 3D Professional 2020 Full Active
  • Unity 3D Professional 2019 Full Active
  • Unity 3D Professional 2018 Full Active


1 – Unzip and install Unity, exit after installation is complete

2 – Copy the Patched File to the software installation folder.

3 – Completed.


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